A waterfall can provide a stunning visual addition to any pond or lake. Always a talking point, they can enhance your property and transform your existing pond or lake.

Here on our site at Hawkhurst Fish Farm we have recently upgraded our own waterfall. HFF Construction spent just over a week to raise our original waterfall by around 10 foot. We are in love with this masterpiece and our customers love walking round to see this focal point! You can see photos below, or even come down yourself to have a look in person. Of course not many ponds or even lakes need a waterfall as big as ours, but we hope it gives you an idea of what we at HFF Construction are capable of! Our waterfall still needs a planting programme to get it looking more natural, but we are waiting for the right time of year to plant it up.

In a similar way to fountains, waterfalls not only produce a stunning addition to your property and pond or lake, but can actually help with the water management. This is because the flow of water coming from the waterfall will create oxygen in the water which is vital for fish and plant health.