As a subsidiary of Hawkhurst Fish Farm, HFF Construction Ltd has the capability and experience to offer many services when it comes to fish. Hawkhurst Fish Farm is well known for its expertise with fish, especially carp, with several of their offsite growing on lakes used especially for breeding their own large Common and Mirror carp. They also have a large stock of Grasscarp (these fish can be a very effective way to deal with some types of pond weed). We can also source other species of fish from reputable fish suppliers. Our passion for fish means we can offer expert advice on which fish will work best in your pond, as well as how many you will need.

Supply. We are able to supply many varieties of fish including carp, coarse fish, trout and grass eating carp (a cost-effective method of managing some plants)

Housing. We can house your fish whilst your pond/lake is being treated, cleaned or refurbished

Food. We can supply and advise on the most suitable food for your particular fish

Advice. Due to our 30 years + combined experience in the industry, we can use our knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your pond or lake as possible.