It is vital to maintain lakes and ponds using techniques that ensure their commercial survival. There are many reasons why a pond or lake may require bank stabilisation:

  • Erosion of the existing bank. This could be due to the pressure of people or animals destroying the bankside. This is especially important where erosion is threatening local property or bankside paths.
  • During the construction of a pond or lake, when either there is insufficient space for gently sloping banks or where steeper profiles are required.
  • Edging is often used near bridges or other main structures for support.
  • Where changes in weather patterns have meant that water flow levels have altered.
  • Edging plays an important role in the creation and renovation of ponds and lakes. When properly installed, Edging should blend into the landscape and add value and decoration to your new feature.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss the best type of edging for your lake or pond. Below are some types that we have installed.